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Real Estate Photography and Videography Pricing List

Real Estate Photography and Videography Pricing List

The photo delivery turnaround time is 24 hours.
Professional Real Estate Photography includes photo coverage of the interior and exterior.
The number of photos depends on the size (no minimum or maximum) of the property and two sets of digital files – one MLS compliant and the other a high resolution for your print marketing needs are delivered to you via Dropbox and a dedicated website with a slideshow gallery.
ESTATE PHOTOS L.A Coverage area includes Los Angeles. Anything outside that area may incur an “Out of Area Fee” which you will be quoted at the time of scheduling.


BASIC  (<1000 sq ft) – $250

SMALL  HOME  (1000 – 2000 sq ft) – $325

MEDIUM  HOME  (2000 – 3000 sq ft) – $425

LARGE HOME  (3000-5000 sq ft) – $525 

EXTRA LARGE HOME (5000 sq ft-8000 sq ft) – $800 

ADD $100 for each 1,000sq ft

Re-Shoot (Return to the property to re-shoot spaces that were not ready at the time of the shoot) – $200  

Photography by EstatePhotosLA

4K Videos

2-3 minute professionally edited 4K video. Aerial 4K video included as well. Our pilots hold FAA PART 107 license. EPLA video editors will make a decision on the video length depending on the size of the property.

  • Royalty Free Music w/huge music library selection.
  • Professional graphics and client logos.
  • Animated company video logo design with music available for additional fee (check under Extras)
  • A high-resolution 4K video link to post anywhere (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, MLS,, etc). Master video file available upon request at no additional fee.
  • Instagram (IGTV) video render included upon request.
  • Delivery within 5 business days of filming.

SMALL HOME (<1000 sq ft) – $300

MEDIUM HOME (1000 – 3000 sq ft) – $495

LARGE HOME (3000 – 5000 sq ft) – $595

EXTRA LARGE (>5000 sq ft) – Starts at $700 (call for a quote)


3D SCAN (up to 2000sqft) $300

  • Includes processing and 12 months hosting 
  • 3D Showcase interactive virtual tour
  • Delivered as mobile friendly branded/unbranded/MLS            compliant full screen link and embed codes.
  • VR friendly.
  • Additional charge of $.08/SqFt beyond 2000 SqFt (ex: 3000 SqFt = $380 scan)


Up to 12 professionally edited images.

Aerial Twilight Add-on additional $100

(in addition to one of the above plans)

Exterior only – at least 5 guaranteed edited images

(in addition to one of the above plans)

Elegant single page WordPress Website with option to include photos, video, 3D and listing description.


Stand out from the competition by having your own animated 4K intro video logo for your videos


Twilight exterior photos shot at a different time than interior photos or if booked as separate or single service.


Return to the property to re-shoot spaces that were not ready at the time of the shoot.

Please check “Virtual Staging” for quality check.

We use high quality 3D rendering for extreme realism.

Virtual Stage Photos are delivered in 24 hours.

Our editors can retouch a mid day photo so it appears to be a twilight


Remove unwanted objects from an image like cars, people, poles, signs, etc….

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