ESTATE PHOTOS L.A. is a Real Estate Creative Agency based in Los Angeles, California that specializes in creating stunning photographs for the real estate, architectural, interior design, and hospitality industries.

We provide editorial and commercial architectural and interior photography for Architects, Interior Designers, Luxury Real Estate Professionals, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Manufacturers, and Trade and Consumer Magazines. Our images have been used for advertising campaigns, design portfolios, editorial pieces, corporate websites, brochures and sales materials, or to simply showcase a property or project.


Because we are the one-stop destination for all your Real Estate marketing needs. Award winning photography, cinematic videography, 3D models, aerials, elegant and ultra-modern property websites and virtual staging are some of our most requested services. We take your listings to the next level. Different approach to the composition and using the studio lightning will turn your photos into an art while also making them quite appealing to your potential customers. We simply stand out from the others and our work speaks for itself.


Every member of the team at Estate Photos L.A. has extensive industry experience. We have been working together for years and take pride in being able to offer our clients consistent work.

FOUNDED in 2015 in santa monica, CAlifornia.

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